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Studio M.A.R.S., in collaboration with Eufonia Festival and the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Lisbon, and supported by funding from the Creative Europe Program of the European Union, is launching the Sub_Bar project for 2023-2024. This innovative initiative, along with the Sub_Bar Academy located in Lisbon, Berlin, and Vienna, equips deaf and hard of hearing individuals with the tools to create music using low-frequency sounds, lighting, and visual elements. This project aims to empower these individuals to explore and express themselves musically in an accessible and immersive environment.


Sub_Bar is an innovative musical platform designed specifically for deaf and hard of hearing (DHH) individuals. It utilizes sub-frequencies ranging from 30hz to 150hz instead of traditional sound, allowing music to be experienced through body vibrations. This initiative supports musicians and artists who specialize in these low frequencies, creating a unique, tactile musical experience.




Sub_Bar serves as a creative hub for sub-frequencies and haptic art. It hosts a series of events that delve into the realm of music, sub-frequencies, and the tactile sense. These gatherings provide a space for everyone to come together, interact, and immerse themselves in music in a novel and inclusive manner. The primary goal of this project is to offer DHH individuals the social, psychological, sensory, and cultural benefits of music, creating a shared musical experience with hearing individuals as well. Here, music is understood as a non-verbal, emotional language that is composed and interpreted within a community.

Historically, music events for DHH audiences have had significant limitations. The music was not fully perceived by the impaired audience; only the bass frequencies were detectable. As a result, the non-verbal, emotional content of the music was largely lost, with only the rhythm being appreciable. Sub_Bar shifts this paradigm by focusing on low-frequency sounds that can be felt as vibrations throughout the entire body, thereby engaging the haptic sense and not just the ears.

The collaboration among Festival Eufonia, Studio M.A.R.S., and the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Lisbon brings together expertise in multi-sensory design, event organization, music performance, academic research, and psychology, ensuring a well-rounded approach to this innovative project.

Sub_Bar Academy 2023-2024

Sub_Bar Academy offers a unique music program tailored for deaf and hard of hearing individuals, specializing in low-frequency music that is fully accessible to them. The program enables participants to compose music using low-frequency sounds, lighting, and visual elements. It provides foundational music education and equips students for live performances. Additionally, a research study led by the Faculty of Psychology in Lisbon is underway to assess the psychological impacts of music education on deaf individuals. This study aims to better understand the benefits and effects of such specialized musical training.



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Sub_Bar Live Vienna 

The Sub_Bar Academy culminated in a final concert on April 29 at Flucc, Vienna, highlighting the creative achievements of its participants. This event was specifically designed for both deaf and hearing audiences, where attendees experienced the unique compositions created by the participants. These pieces were crafted using haptic vests and sub-frequencies, offering a distinctive audio-visual experience that leveraged vibrations to bridge the sensory gap between deaf and hearing attendees. This innovative showcase demonstrated the academy's commitment to fostering inclusivity and creativity in music.


Additionally, the final concert at Flucc in Vienna featured special contributions from invited musicians and artists who crafted unique music pieces exclusively using sub-frequencies and audio-visual elements. These performances were integrated into the evening’s program to enhance the overall experience for both deaf and hearing attendees, ensuring a rich and inclusive event where everyone could enjoy the full spectrum of innovative musical creations.

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