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A live participatory Mixed Reality opera for 4 singers, 1 actor, 4 soloists ensemble, AI generated live electronic and audiovisual interactivity with live audiences participatory AR/VR App. 


Duration : 50-60 min without break

Speculum Maius is a ground-breaking new opera that merges pioneering live Mix Reality(AR&VR) interactive technology together with live music performance and AI generated live electronic. 


A live MR participatory interactive opera performance, seamlessly merging the real and the digital together. A performative mixed realities exhibition opera whereby the AR objects become one moment in a storytelling musik performance. 


Using the MR App as dramaturgical guidelines to offer a reflection of how we function together in a society and the moral relationships that we have. Speculum Maius examines the ways how technology can shape humankind, altering societies, how it can affect personal relationships, and its difference between man-made and natural environments. 

For the first time, opera audiences can participate live in an innovative multimedia music theater performance and create their own AR&VR sound world together with other audience members. Audiences participation is live in the theater with the interactivity with the App to influence the music and the scenes live.



Creating immersive experiences of possible poetic vision of what would be the process of digitization of our mind through a dreamlike and emotional journey in which the different natural conflicts inherent to consciousness will be manifested.



Exploring a new relationship of how live music can navigate and interact with audiences in contemporary music theater.

The compositional concept is constructed on live audiences interactivity, when the audience's actions become a generator of sounds.

The different worlds, both virtual and real in Speculum Maius are enriched by an analogue of live music and live theater audiences reactions. 

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First AR World : Utopian World 

By using the App, audiences see a mixed green world reality. Audiences are given the ability to create green objects and interact with those objects to make a dreamlike Utopia sonic world. This world is conceptualized as non-human centralized Utopian world: each plant, tree or flower has its own sonic language. It also aims to question if human languages and living noises may be harmful.  

The live electronic sounds are realized as an AI generated sonic module. Each module is created for each AR object. By live audiences clicking on the AR objects, the AI generator will analyze the percentage of the clicking and generate the live interactive electronic sound from the soloists ensemble and singers.


Second AR World : Dystopian World

This world is visualized a deep ocean living world, to present mysterious but real creatures in the deep ocean that they are far away from human species. 

But with real human-made pollutions and ocean noises which threaten and destroy their world. It’s a world about observing, people actions will not change the results, but garbage and pollution objects will be added more and more with each audience clicking on AR objects.

Audios that are remixed with environment disaster, climate issues, ocean pollutions, are also increased with visualizing falling garbages and plastics. 

More intense, heavy-metal, manipulative and suffocating live music is increased throughout the world, it represents the ocean noises that are destroying the lives in the ocean.

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VR World:

A world with a hint of magical realism, where emotion and the subconscious are some of the core elements.

To test subjective consciousness and collective unconscious of the audiences

that are manipulated by the digital World, and an illusional relationship between hearing and seeing. The fundamental of the world composition is based on Shepard Tone theory, Cymatics Theory and Mandelbrot Set Design, a labyrinth with time illusional perception, an audio-viewed trans-sensory world. And to question the boundary between privacy and publicity, authenticity and hypocrisy in the digital world. An experimental setting with mixing private and shared experiences, allow for a rich palette of human interaction and depicts social and technological aspects of an artificial and systematized world.

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DALL·E 2022-09-17 15.42.32 - a labyrinth of worlds with utopian and dystopian, virtual and

Speculum Maius is an embodied mirror of reflections of worlds: utopian and dystopian, virtual and spiritual, past and future, human and machine. Worlds within worlds, the heterotopian states, layered upon each other and existing simultaneously creates new complex realities, narratives, and understanding. Speculum Maius aims to explore the innovative combination of interactive MR and AI technology, the young generation of video-game culture with traditional music theater; the new integration of immersive theater and live interactivity; and how these new hybrid states and technologies can have an impact on society. 


Speculum Maius is reshaping the experience of traditional music opera, increasing accessibility, to create a mixed dialogue of the traditional opera experience with digital 3D experiences that expands human perceptions, investigating new possibilities of creative expression and audience participation.



Speculum Maius is funded by Kultur Gemeinschaften, Kunststifung NRW and Fonds Darstellende Kunst.

First Edition of Speculum Maius is premiered at the Kunstmuseum Bonn, in collaboration with Theater Bonn,DE. 9 - 11th, December, 2022. 



Composition : Wen Liu

Live Interactive & Sound Design : Alexander Hackl

Stage Design : Martin Butler

AR/VR App Design : K8  







Speculum Maius project article on Der Spiegel

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