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Uncanny Reverie

An Interactive Exploration of Environmental Transformation Through Real-time AI Music and Performance

  • Awarded by the S+T+ARTS ReSilence Artists-in-Residence 2024-2025

In Exclusive Collaboration with Composer Matthias Leboucher and Ensemble NAMES (New Art and Music Ensemble Salzburg

Embark on an interactive musical theatrical journey that weaves AI and climate narratives through audience engagement. Exploring the fusion of scientific research and artistic storytelling, this experience examines how audience participation and decisions can alter the music and narratives during a live performance. The project unfolds a resonant tale, guiding us through our shared environmental destiny. 

Theatrical Composition: The composition is shaped by audience input, an AI generator, a climate-focused storyline, and the original creativity of the artists. This dynamic interplay results in a unique theatrical experience.


Audience Engagement: The audience actively shapes the performance through live voting and responding to questions using a dedicated App. Real-time data collection and analysis of audience responses determine the direction of the narrative and trigger subsequent questions, effectively steering the overall storyline. Additionally, voting outcomes decide which pre-composed collage score is next displayed on each musician's iPad, thus influencing the live music dynamically. This interactive system ensures that each performance offers a unique narrative and musical experience, distinctly molded by the audience's choices.


Theatrical Climate Storyline: The overarching narrative is centered on climate change, evolving in response to the audience's understanding and choices. This approach allows the storyline to adapt and reflect the collective input of the audience.


AI Moderator: An AI-generated voice acts as the "main character" or moderator throughout the performance, guiding the audience and facilitating interactions. This AI character also introduces elements of strangeness, dark humor, and mystery, further enriching the narrative.


During live performances, the sequence in which these musical scores are presented is directly influenced by audience voting, making each show a unique reflection of audience input. This fully interactive experience not only immerses audiences but also actively involves them in shaping the musical direction. Patrons become essential elements of a sophisticated symphony, where human creativity and AI-generated compositions blend seamlessly, all while being shaped by the nuances of environmental and climate factors.


Furthermore, exploring the intricate relationship between climate variables and musical predictability. This approach allows for a profound investigation into how music can reflect and respond to our changing world, providing audiences with a powerful narrative on environmental impact.

The primary challenge of 'Uncanny Reverie' extends beyond simply addressing climate change—it also seeks to communicate its implications effectively without overwhelming or alienating the audience. The project aspires to create a musical composition that resonates deeply with environmental themes. By blending artistic expression, AI-generated music, scientific visualization, and environmental narratives, the project aims to demystify scientific complexity and enhance public understanding.

The performance of Uncanny Reverie is the result of a collaboration between Studio M.A.R.S. and the Ensemble NAMES, and will be integrated into the annual productions of NAMES under the theme 'Points of No Return'. 

December 11, 2024: Premiere at Stadtgalerie Salzburg,Austria


2025: More Performance in Vienna, additional performances for S+T+ARTS ReSilence (location to be confirmed)

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