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A Participatory XR Opera, infusing satire with an immersive dining experience


Runtime: 50 Minutes



Each member of the audience will be provided with an iPad equipped with an Extended Reality (XR) application. The central stage of the performance, represented by the dining table, will feature projection mapping technology.

Capacity of each show:

Planed for 20 - 30 audiences. 

This allows for multiple performances in the same day

Yum! is a thought-provoking journey where the effects of climate change and our increasingly self-obsessed society collide, exploring the illusions we create for ourselves in the pursuit of happiness. 

Infusing Opera and XR, our immersive, multi-sensory, and participatory XR opera, asks the question - What is dinner in the future?


The Story 

In a world where climate change has decimated and transformed our eating and dining habits, three self-obsessed individuals', immune to the tribulations of the masses, experience an evening designed only for the select few. 

Yum! blends satire and dark humour with social commentary to explore the themes of climate change, class, identity and self-obsession, in a blurred and ostentatious setting.


The Concept 


We amplify the story by using augmented reality, transporting our audience fully into this new world. Our interdisciplinary, multi-sensory approach engages and challenges all the senses, from taste and smell to touch and sight, taking the cast and audience on an exploration of what may lie ahead. 


The objective of this project is to explore a new approach to opera production that leans toward the realm of performance art. This approach aims to facilitate a more immersive experience for the audience by allowing them to actively engage with the performance. This includes opportunities for the audience to become deeply involved in the scene, break the traditional barrier between performers and spectators (often referred to as the "fourth wall"), and assume the role of storytellers within the opera narrative.

Yum! coming in 2024! Stay Tuned!

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