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Ricard Gras

Ricard is a technical producer working in the intersection between digital and traditional media.


After completing studies in his natal Spain  and the U.K. Ricard was appointed Development Director of Arts & Technology Partnerships, one of Europe's first digital media research agencies. Whilst at ATP, he indepedently explored a new way of producing animation using videogames -- a technique later known as "Machinima" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Machinima). Ricard is one of the first producers to ever deliver Machinima content, which allowed him to engage with "virtual cinematography" projects from industry-leading broadcasters and game companies. Over the past decade, Ricard has collaborated with Universities, marketing agencies, media and theatre companies on projects that pushed the boundaries of technology. As a result, he has produced several of the biggest Motion Capture projects in the world as well as developed multiple award-winning performance systems for digital spaces.


Ricard holds BA, BSc, PG, MSc degrees and is a PhD candidate at Universität Bayreuth.