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Studio M.A.R.S.'s new series focuses on researching and developing the concept of ‘immersive theater’ within a museum context.


Merging visuals, theater, music, performance, architecture, design,  and the human body into a realm of artificial reality,  creating a series of ‘Museum Storytellings’ and ‘Exhibition Theaters’, that explore a comprehensive and complete experience for the human senses and consciousness.

A trans-media music theater with audio-visual installations aims to create a new experience of an immersive theatrical ‘exhibition’. that questions and explores the emotional and moral relationship between man and society now and in the near future.

We are in the transition into a new world. The Covid-19 pandemic as we’re seeing now, has tremendous effects on economic, social and political stabilities. It is an intertwining of environmental, social, economic, and political crises, and part of the global crisis of democracy and equality. Many fundamental vulnerabilities are rendered that can no longer be ignored. Each of us came to question: What might the various fractures in realities tell us about the future we need to envision What shall our future look like



Museum of 2050 imagines and explores the three biggest factors happening in 2050: Artificial Morality, Artificial Immortality, and Artificial Consciousness.


The focus of this project is longer-term research developing in a collaborative, artistic and scientific laboratory. It’s not an exhibition as we experience at science museums, nor an exhibition happening at contemporary art museums.


The work is configured as a conversation between scientific concepts and artworks.



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