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Vrisch - XR(AR,VR) experiences & 360 video immersive production

Vrisch is an award-winning VR AR (XR) content production company from Vienna, Austria, that helps people learn, understand, and have fun through immersive entertainment. Their services provide solutions across sectors, including performing arts, environmental education, and advertising.


Starting in 2013 and founded in 2016 by a Viennese filmmaker and a Paraguayan digital artist (also husband and wife and parentpreneurs), vrisch has become Vienna’s first family-owned content production company solely dedicated to the creation of immersive experiences. Due to the values of its founding members, vrisch has been conceived, from its very beginning, as a place of cultural, professional, gender, and thought equality. 


The team consists of international XR (VR/AR) pioneers coming from various backgrounds such as digital filmmaking, design, art direction, marketing communications, and software development. All “vrischlings” see themselves as a group of open-minded cosmopolitans who thrive on diversity. vrisch welcomes talents from all walks of life and celebrates creativity in any shape or form.


vrisch believes in the importance of communities. In 2016, its cofounder, Gabriella Chihan Stanley founded XRVienna. Up to date, XRVienna is Vienna’s first and Austria’s biggest community for XR professionals and enthusiasts, with more than one thousand members. Through XRVienna, vrisch offers the local community resources and expertise through event organizing, keynotes, sponsorships, panel discussions, and experience corners. As a community member, vrisch wishes to contribute to the betterment and meaningful evolution of the XR industry through group knowledge exchange and feedback, placing Austria on the international XR map as a strong guild of creators and institutions. XRVienna currently works in partnership with several local and international professionals and institutions such as Women in Immersive Tech Europe, sound:frame, IVRPA, and Laval Virtual.


vrisch uses the transformative power of immersive technologies to help humans (and themselves) understand and enjoy the world beyond the abilities of physical bodies. Its motto? “We are not trying to replace the real world. We enhance it.

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