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An exclusive collaboration between Festival Eufonia, Studio M.A.R.S. and the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Lisbon (FPUL), plan to launch a new edition of Sub_Bar events 2023-2024. 

A groundbreaking musical ecosystem for deaf and hard of hearing (DHH) people based on sub-frequencies instead of sound. Sub_Bar promotes musicians and artists who work exclusively with sub-frequencies (from 30hz to 150hz), creating vibrations that can be felt throughout the body.



A playground for sub frequencies and haptic art. Sub_bar series of events aims to explore music, subfrequencies and the haptic sense, a space that invites everyone to meet, interact and experience music in an innovative, inclusive, and immersive wayhe background behind this project is therefore the challenge to provide deaf and hard of hearing (DHH) individuals with the social, psychological, sensorial and cultural advantages of music, and share the same experience with hearing individuals. Music is here intended as involving the perception and elaboration of composed stimuli, using a language shared by a community, aimed at delivering a non-verbal, emotional message, and sound.


Music events for DHH people happened so far with a compromising limitation: the music played wasn’t perceived as such by the impaired audience, only the bass frequencies were. The non-verbal message has never been received entirely, but only a tiny, functional part of it, enough for them to perceive its rhythmical qualities. Sub_Bar moves the music paradigm down to the low-frequency spectrum (30hz to 150hz), where hearing is not necessary, because it is the whole body that perceives the stimuli, through the haptic sense.


The interaction between Festival Eufonia, Studio M.A.R.S. and the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Lisbon bring together the necessary expertise in the field of multi-sensory design, event organization, music performances, academic research and psychology.

Sub_Bar Academy 2023-2024

Sub_Bar Academy is a one-of-a-kind music program that focuses on low-frequency music, making it entirely accessible to deaf and hard of hearing individuals. This course empowers participants to compose using low-frequency sounds, lights, and visuals, teaching them the fundamentals of music and preparing them for performances. A study conducted by the faculty of psychology of Lisboa will measure the psychological effects of learning music in deaf individuals. 


coming in Lisbon, Berlin and Vienna 2023-2024.



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