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Studio M.A.R.S. (Music Art Research Science) is a multidisciplinary collective specialising in the synthesis of music, art, theater, design, science, and technology.

From concept to production, Studio M.A.R.S. works together with international artists, curators, designers, engineers, scientists, and researchers, to create works that offer a better understanding of our current and future positions in society and culture. 

By creating connections and collaborations, sharing knowledge and ideas, encouraging critical thinking, creativity, and innovation; Studio M.A.R.S. is dedicated to the inquiry of art, design, science, technology, and their influence on global contemporary attitudes.

Who we are: 

Studio M.A.R.S. unites a group of internationally established professionals from different fields, such as music composition, opera and theater dramaturgy, stage design, cinematography, interactive installation design, immersive projection mapping, AR/VR/MR design, AI and machine learning, and modern science. 


What we do:

Studio M.A.R.S. specialises in innovative multimedia storytelling and immersive music theater design, pioneering new forms of performances featuring deep integration of science and technology, to create new experiences across disciplines.


With strong expertise in contemporary music, visual art, theater, new media and science, Studio M.A.R.S. is currently focusing on exploring cutting-edge multimedia theater forms, which incorporate audio-visual installations, interactive projections and music performances, to create a larger form of immersive non-linear walk-through music theater that pushes the boundaries of the form by connecting multi-sensory technology and human perceptions. 

What else we do:

M.A.R.S. functions as an international networking platform, which offers integrated solutions to help artists to identify goals and bring ideas to life.


M.A.R.S. builds up a great network and community of diverse artists, organisations, music ensembles, institutions and partners from all over the globe. 


M.A.R.S. also provides suites of creative services such as artistic concept & curation; events planning & design; curating multimedia events, performances & exhibitions. 

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Music & Art

New Media


Immersive Theater

Transmedia Storytelling

Real-time Generative Art

Audio-Visual Installation

Interactive Installation

Projection Mapping

Research & Science





Quantum Mechanics

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

VR / AR / XR

Creativity & Sustainability 

Festival Curation

Concept Design

Art Event Design

Stage Design

Creative Shooting


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