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Eveline Wandl-Vogt

Eveline Wandl-Vogt is experimentalist, foundress and senior director of the Ars Electronica Research Institute knowledge for humanity (k4h+) at Ars Electronica. The research institute is an antidisciplinary approach to apply humanity centered design and open innovation methods and practices to co-invent the future. It is aiming to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and societal needs.

Eveline is foundress and coordinator of the transdisciplinary movement exploration space at the Austrian Academy of Sciences. exploration space is an open space for innovation and experimentation with the aim of stimulating, designing, enabling and scientifically analyzing new forms of knowledge production at the interface of art, science, technology and society.

Both endeavours are best practice examples for Open Innovation of the Austrian government (k4h+, exploration space); both are vivid Innovation networks between artists, business companies, citizens, practitioners, politicians and scientists, prototyping the Open Innovation Research Infrastructure (OI-RI) designed under the leadership of Eveline in a multistakeholder endeavour of an European consortium in 2017. 

Eveline is affiliated to Harvard University (metalab [at] Harvard, Institute for Romance Studies and Literatures).

She is chairing the Scientific Committee of the endavour and is Scientific Director of the Museum of Knowledge Sciences.

Eveline serves as Ambassador for knoweldge for humanity of the Republic of Uzupis (LINK:


Based on the mission of knowledge4development and against the background of a RRI mission statement, Eveline applies Open Innovation methods and practices, contributing to the agenda2030 and the achievement of the sustainable development goals and good life goals. Her current projects are deeply rooted in art driven innovation, artistic action, participatory methods and aligend with societal needs. 

Eveline acts as research manager and initiator on various international boards. She serves as expert in various global initiatives, mainly related to technical and social infrastructures, such as ADHOALLEACOST actions, DARIAHECSA, as well as standarization bodies (UNO).
She is a well recognized global speaker and presenter (+50 invited international talks, +80 international publications) and ambassador in various STEAM related educational projects.

Twitter: @caissarl
Instagram: @caissarl

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